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Leaf Olive Living Edge Coffee Table

Leaf Olive Living Edge Coffee Table

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Our custom-made tables combine the raw, natural beauty of olive wood with the dreamy elegance of a river-like epoxy resin design. Each resin wood table tells its own story with crystal patterns and intricate wood grain. These wooden tables are made of 100% olive wood, which is not only beautiful and unique in its structure and color, but also an extremely durable and long-lasting material, ensuring that your table will remain magnificent for years to come. 🌳

RESIN APPLICATION: We use high-quality epoxy resin to achieve the stunning river effect in our tables. Our process ensures a flawless finish, featuring a smooth, high-gloss surface that's easy to clean, highly resistant to scratches and heat, and exudes a natural glow. 💎 

CUSTOM SIZES: Whether it's for your dining room, living room, or kitchen, these tables can be made to any specification to fit perfectly in your space. 📏

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our resin is eco-friendly and non-toxic, ensuring a safe, chemical-free environment in your home. ♻️ 

HANDCRAFTED: Each table is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, who put heart and soul into each design they create making every Resin Table Top truly unique. 🖐 

PERFECT GIFT: With its extraordinary design and excellent craftsmanship, this table is the perfect gift for a loved one or even a special treat for yourself! 🎁 

Thank you for checking out my shop, I hope you find that perfect Resin Table you've been dreaming of here. Each piece is crafted with love, and I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for supporting handmade, and remember, in my shop, you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a piece of art.

After the design is completed, this wonderful design is packaged by our professional cargo packaging team. It will be delivered to you within 7 days within USA. ✈ 

It will be delivered to you within 10 days within European countries. Please send message for other countries.

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